Previously Placed Puppies & Adults
'Abby', left, and 'Roxxi', right, live with the Lowery family in San Antonio, Tx. Click here to see their page.
We have had about every color, with few exceptions such as brindle. Here are examples of our past puppies and colors. We occasionally receive photos of them as adults in their new homes, which we greatly appreciate & look forward to.
'Sully' again as a young adult
'Sully' as a pup, with our friendly cat 'Spooks'
'Gulliver', 1/2 brother to Sully>
Our 'Carmen' often has pretty, solid colored puppies without tan markings.^
Montego, a Doc son, is a handsome boy.
'Banjo', left & right
'Cody' is a lavender blue
'Taz' is a deep steel color
'Teddy' >
Little 'Bailey'
^One of our girls in her new home (far left)
'Mickey' was more of a red-chocolate
*******RED & CREAM*******
"Monte", Above & Right
The Pup on the left is cream & the pup on the right is white.
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