Roxxi & Abby
Gypsy, as you may know, was my one-and-only special chihuahua, considering herself 'above' all the other canines (and some humans). She was touchingly devoted to me, and full of spunk & character that was passed on to her children. Being small, she only gave us 4 puppies before being spayed. Her only female, 'Roxxi', I intended to keep for sentimental reasons, but as that was not possible she was adopted by the Lowery family whom we have gotten to know rather well.   
  They later adopted 'Abby', (Roxxi's niece via her brother, Gulliver, and our female 'Polly') and will soon be adopting Polly's new little female (currently on Nursery page).  This wonderful family has shared many moments with us that we would like to pass on.
"We love Roxxi so much that I check your website often looking for a friend for her. We will wait until my husband's return unless we just fall in love with one of your pictures."
"After getting Roxxi & seeing all the love & joy she gives out, I came straightway to your website. Our entire neighborhood just loves her to death.  We would just love another tiny girl to hang out with Ms. Roxxi.
*****We are planning a very cute puppy party for her 1st birthday. We have people all around us that she has made chi lovers. They all had thought that chihuahuas were little rat dogs that bark too much. Well, they love her to death; she doesn't see much of the floor because someone is always loving on her. The neighbors have even trained their dogs to allow her to eat from their bowls (we are talking really large dogs).
   Roxxi runs with my other neighbor on his last block in the morning, and everyone gives her treats. She runs from yard to yard on our side of the street, and everyone knows her name. She is just a real baby doll. My husband talks to her on the phone at least weekly, and she rolls over when she hears his voice, waiting for him to rub her belly. It is just such a good feeling to have a pet that seems to love so many so much. Thank you again for her and we would love the chance to have another puppy this great."
Roxxi & Gulliver, her brother
"THANK YOU SO MUCH! We are thrilled to be getting another baby from you. We will be naming her Abbie....We are all so excited to just see her picture. You guys can spoil her all you want because  we will sure keep it up. Roxxi is moving up from princess to queen to make room for the newest princess. We will be handing down Roxxi's old princess shirt to Abbie, and Roxxi's queen shirt has been ordered. LOL We just love our little pups. I never in my life thought I would fall so in love with a chi. All of the ones I saw in the past seemed to have such a bad attitude, but Roxxi is the sweetest thing, kissing everyone who comes around. I can't wait to have Abbie here."
Roxxi's 1st Birthday
"The pictures of Abbie are so cute. We just giggled at her little rollie-pollie body.
***Q and I & some family members travelled 5 hours to pick up the newest addition to our family yesterday...I am not sure what or how you did it, but Abbie has yet to go potty in the house. She has went outside every time except for when she goes in the puppy box. I am loving that.
She is as healthy as can be & full of spunk; she is such a little cracker.  I call you my breeder these days. I guess when you find someone you can trust you extend you family."
"My hand at doggie costumes. Abbie (right, Halloween) hates to put  clothes on but once she has it on she is fine. Roxxi doesn't  mind putting it on but don't like to keep it on long."
"I would love to see Polly's babies for myself, but to be honest, I just love seeing the puppies. I've had 3 friends buy Chi's locally because they loved Roxxi & Abbie, but found themselves disappointed on how they are growing. They are all sweet dogs but not very cute and all seem to have problems. So I just like to be able to tell people when you have puppies because I trust your breedings, and because of my success they do also. But don't think for a minute that I don't look for myself also. I am thinking about mabey getting another one after Lionel comes home in April.
Roxxi is more of a Diva, not wanting to walk, sitting on my shoulder when I am  in the car, and willing to wear anything I put on her.
Abbie will dance around on her back legs...if you tell her it is time to fight she gets up on her back legs & starts to swing her paws. She is a spunky little thing. But her & Roxxi love each other so much. Last night my son took her with him to spend the night with some friends and Abbie became so sick. This morning when we showed up with Roxxi she went straight to Roxxi & started to lick her, then went to drink water & to eat. She had stalled everything waiting for her. They both want love all the time & really depend on each other. I couldn't ask for better dogs.
"You have the cutest Chi's I have seen, and since having my own I have seen many. Everyone loves my dogs. When we come in & out of the gates on post all the guards ask for them. Yesterday one offered to buy Roxxi from me and asking for your website. Roxxi rests on my shoulder when I am driving, so people just smile. I am sure I could sell 100 Roxxi's.
     "I may hold out for one of Polly's pups. Abbie has so much personality, we call her the Eddie Murphy of Chihuahuas, full of life & energy and just a blast to watch."
In 2006, 'Zoey' was added to the family. She is a beautiful girl, half sister to Abby and well loved by all. Below.
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