Deposits: All deposits are non-refundable.  A deposit will hold a puppy for 2 weeks or until it is old enough to go to its new home, if it is not old enough yet.  If you change your mind on a puppy after you have put down a deposit, you may apply that deposit to another puppy, if you wish, for up to 6 mos.

Cancellations: All purchases are final.  (see health agreement for what is covered) If you cancel a purchase AFTER sending payment in full  but BEFORE receiving your puppy, there will be a $200 cancellation fee.  By taking the puppy off the market and marking it as sold, other interested families were turned away.  In the event of a cancellation, all remaining funds will be returned within 4 weeks of notification.

Putting a puppy on hold: I will put a puppy on hold for 5 days to allow time for mailed deposits.  If a deposit is not received in that time, the puppy will be considered available again unless prior arrangements have been made.

Shipping:   I ship twice a month, at the beginning and the middle of the month.  (about every two weeks, when puppies are available)  The airport is approximately 2 hours from me, so I am not able to make the trip often.  I use Dallas/Ft Worth International Airport.  Shipping is available for an extra $100 trip fee for those who wish their puppy shipped sooner than the normal shipping schedule or need their puppy on a specific day.  All effort will be made to accomodate special dates, but sometimes it is not possible.  NO shipping on Sundays.

**** Note*****
Shipping may be delayed during very cold or hot times of the year.  The airlines cannot ship animals above or below certain temperatures for the safety of the animal.  Sometimes these delays can be substantial when waiting for weather to change at either the point of departure or arrival.  There are no temperature restrictions if I can use Continental Airlines.  They use climate controlled ground transportation for their animals.

Registration: All puppies will be sold with limited registration unless other agreements have been made.   I strongly encourage the spaying and neutering of all pets.

All puppies are sold as pets only.  While some may be show quality, I want my puppies to go to loving pet homes
firstI do encourage people to study the Chihuahua standard, available at akc.org, and if interested, delve into the hobby of showing.  It can be great fun and a source of much education.  I will give my honest opinion of every puppy I sell as to pet/show quality.  I make no assertions as to potential in the show ring.  I will give my estimate of potential adult size also, but it will only be my honest opinion.  I give no size guarantee.