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Terms and Health Guarantee

Name of Purchaser_________________________________________________________

Address of Purchaser________________________________________________________

Telephone #________________________    Purchase Price:_____$___________________
Email Address_____________________________________________________________

The following dog of ____Chihuahua_____  breed on this day, _______________, has been sold to the person or persons listed above and is free of any liens or encumbrances as a result of stud fees, veterinary fees, etc.

Description of dog:

Name: ______________       
Sex: _______________        Sire:  ___________________________                     
Age: _______________       Dam: ___________________________
DOB: ______________       Color: ___________________________

Papers:  (type)_____    Will be mailed _________  Provided_______  Sold without papers________
(Registration papers, if purchased with the puppy, will be mailed within 7 days of their receipt from the registry if not provided at time of purchase.) 

The buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 3 business days of purchase, including a stool check for parasites (worms, coccidia, giardia, etc).  Failure to do so voids this guarantee.  Having taken the puppy to the vet in the required 3 days, the puppy is guaranteed against infectious disease for 10 days. (Most infectious diseases have an incubation period of 10 days or less.  Anything appearing after this time most likely was contracted after leaving the seller.)  If within 10 days of the date of sale you believe the dog to be sick, you agree to have it examined by a veterinarian at your own expense.  If shipping applies in this case, a vet will examine the puppy beforehand, and the puppy will have been declared healthy.  I will reimburse up to $25 for incidental medication expenses incurred during this 10-day period (ex: worm medication, antibiotics, etc.) as long as I am notified during this time period and a copy of a receipt is provided to me.  No cash refunds.  If the dog dies in this time period, I agree to provide another puppy as one comes available as long as a vet provides a Death certificate confirming it was not the result of hypoglycemia or accident.  Shipping costs of a replacement puppy are the responsibility of the buyer.  In the case of serious illness during this 10 day period, the buyer agrees to return the puppy to me for treatment if local.  Under no circumstances will I be responsible for any vet bills not incurred by myself.  I will guarantee, for 6 mo., against genetic illnesses that will render the dog no longer useful as a companion animal and is sufficiently serious in the opinion of two qualified veterinarians, at least one of whom is selected by the Seller, to warrant euthanization of the dog.  A veterinarian’s statement will be required. I am to be notified during this 6 mo. time period for this guarantee to be valid. 
This guarantee excludes hypoglycemia.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to see that the puppy/dog is fed at appropriate intervals to keep its blood sugar level adequate.

Dogs, when introduced into new surroundings, sometimes act strangely and are inclined to exhibit shyness and inactivity.  They may also refuse food.  After becoming adapted to the new environment they readily accept you as their new owner and the food you offer.  Purchaser must complete all puppy shots and must properly take care of the puppy/dog.

I strongly recommend crate training of any puppy.  After becoming acclimated to the crate, most dogs view it as their “den”.  It is also a safe place to keep the puppy when supervision is not possible.  Puppies are tiny and can get into some of the tightest spots imaginable.  This dog is being sold as a pet with limited registration unless otherwise noted.  If this puppy is being sold as a breeder (if so, permission noted below), the buyer agrees to never breed this puppy with a dog of merle coloring.  The seller reserves the right to reclaim the puppy if it comes to light that it is being or has been bred to a merle Chihuahua.

This guarantee takes effect starting the day the buyer takes possession of the puppy.

DATE: __________________________

Seller: ____Cheryl Allie___________________________

Purchaser: ________________________________________

  I, the purchaser, by signing this document am affirming that I have read and agree with the contents, and that I am of legal age to enter into a contract.

Recommended feed:  Pedigree puppy, canned, or Pedigree Puppy dry, soaked in warm water.  Milk will give the puppy diarrhea.

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